We would love to give you a deeper understanding and connection with the Swedish indigenous people. Our Sami cultural heritage, landscape and traditions - all linked together for a richer lifestyle!

In a way you could describe Geunja as a magical place, a Wonderland of the mountains, the grand escape where you lose track of time and space. The rest of the world could be destroyed in a holocaust, for all we know; all of us are present in the moment and that is all that matters
In today's turbulent world, people, politicians and business leaders need to get new perspectives on existence. Geunja is a divine place where man meets the messenger of life through a fabulous nature. In Geunja I have met a genuine place with sami people who have a larger perspective and who identify with the larger whole. The whole that is the reason for meeting and transforming today's world into a desirable tomorrow, Jan Boström GAIA Leadership 

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Be a part of a helping hand for nature and culture conservation!  For the surrounding nature and wildlife to remain as untouched as possible, Geunja only welcomes twelve groups of guests a year, and maximum 12 guest each time. Welcome to the Vinka Family!

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 Geunja Sámi Ecolodge, the WWF Arctic Award winner, Grand Travel Award and Nature's Best 2002-2019